GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA


In the meld behind our house the corn has

grown so tall that you can’t even see over it any more. Once we walked in and almost couldn’t mnd our way out! In the middle of the cornmeld there’s a spot where there are almost no plants. That’s our secret hiding place! Nobody apart from us knows about it, and sometimes we have to look for ages to mnd it because it’s so well hidden. When we walk through the meld, between the corn plants, we pull our sleeves down over our hands because the leaves have sharp

Sensory shower Sensory leaves hang in this trapezoid cabinet – a three-dimensional curtain to crawl through or hide behind. Feeling the diffe- rent surfaces and mllings, such as artimcial leather, neece or granules, is a lot of fun – and is an ex- citing touch experience. There are acoustic elements such as squeakers or crinkle foil to listen for. And the small round mirror

teeth on the edges. If you run your mnger over them carefully you can feel them …!

creates a subtle renecting effect. More about this on page 45.


It’s Cool How Much

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“Each leaf feels different! Just when I think I’m about to grab something soft, it suddenly squeaks! And it’s a cozy place to hide, too …!”

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