GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA


Nature Discovery Cabinet Natural materials can be set up here and exhibited for easy view- ing; further experimentation can be carried out even over longer time periods. If you want to keep plants fresh they can be placed in the water. Standard glass bott- les mt perfectly in the holders. Smaller material can be stored in the lower discovery box and observed through the acrylic glass panel. More about this on page 42.


Daisies which stand in colored water take on the color of the water and then turn, e.g. sky blue ...

Nooks with which children experience things. Nooks with which children learn things.

5 Mirror Cabinet In the mirror children see them- selves like others see them. They also discover their image above and below them; and in the side mirrors they see an endless row of mirror images. This also encou- rages them to experiment: What does, for example, a toy look like in here? How often can you see it? In the mirror cabinet spec- tacular visual experiences and discoveries await. More about this on page 43.

Tone Top Piece The music top piece is strung with a set of steel strings and tuned in pentatonic sequence – so it always sounds musical. It also mts perfectly on top of a wide trapezoid cabinet. The cabinet, which operates like a sound box due to contact with the top piece, amplimes the tone. The cabinet transfers the vibrations as tactile stimuli to any child sitting inside. Naturally, the top piece can also be played on a table or on the ground. More about this on page 44.

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