GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA


For moments between sleep and waking, to get motivated, to refuel

Being alone here does good. The cubby hole cave is suitable as a rest, retreat and even sleeping space. A child who wants to be alone for a while is safe and undisturbed behind the leaf curtain. At the same time the child is always in view from the outside. The child can watch what is going on outside through the net window – and decide for themselves if they want to stay in the cave or go out and participate again in the activities going on. More about this on page 46.

“What are the others doing? Maybe I want to join in after all?”


The sound cave is exactly the same as the cubby hole cave. However it also has a “sound box”: a folding raised headrest which can be equipped with an MP3 player and speakers. Re- laxing nature sounds can be played and the sound experience can begin – and help with relaxation. More about this on page 46.

All by themselves and yet not alone – the cubby hole cave is a perfect retreat.

“Is that a noise? Oh, the waves are crashing…!”

The cubby hole cave offers a sense of security – and at the same time nothing is missed out on: the room can be secretly observed through the net fabric in the leaf curtain.

This is how simple it is to equip the sound box and select the sound program.

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