GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA

CORNER CABINET More about this on page 47.

CORNER CUPBOARD More about this on page 47.

Two Fascination with LIGHT

Corner cabinet detail

Corner cupboard detail

very special pieces of furniture deal with the exciting topic of light:

or can be freely selected via a remote control. Here you can “bath”, so to speak, in color. This also changes objects: e.g. in green light a red sweater sudden- ly looks black! If a “color circle” is attached to the wall of the cupboard then this effect can be observed even more clearly.

when a child crawls into the corner cabinet , a motion sen- sor reacts and the light inside goes on. Three portholes in the noor light up at the same time – in blue, red and green. Because they are made of safety glass the children can crawl on them without needing to worry. The curtains at the entry and exit make the light effect even more exciting. In the corner cupboard the noor is completely made of a pane of milk glass, under which LEDs light up. These color changes either follow various color change programs

Oh! As soon as I crawl around the corner the portholes in the ground light up.

When the light in the cupboard is purple I like to cuddle up!

This is our magic disc! It changes color when the light changes!

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