GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA

“Hey! It’s getting bright in the cave!”

“I can see colorful light here!”


NEW Passages, hiding places and resting spaces in unexpected areas – the room becomes a dynamic partner when play- ing and learning! Every time a child heads for their next play area in a grow.upp room they can explore differnet ways, as there are several choices to make. Fantasy

“Climb up – and wheeeeeee slide down!”

“I’m going under!” – “I’m going over!”

and creative thinking are

“I want to go through here!” – “Oh! I can go through here too!”

required. “Will I climb over the chill cabinet (1) or crawl through under the retreat cabi- net (2)? Today I’ll take the path through the corner cabinet (3).”

There are so many exciting corners that children are required to think creatively. Such a varied play area continually sets new challenges.

“Move over, I want to sit under the leaves too!”

“I can’t make up my mind... Rest? Watch? Or crawl underneath...?”

“Nobody can see me but I can hear everyone …!”

grow.upp - Discovery Rooms 7


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