Ash Driftwood Birch Norndic Birch Forest


Unbelievably realistic, the three-dimensional photo reproductive quality of the MeroWings’ Wood Collections compels you to simply reach out and touch them. Only then can you be convinced that you have been subject to an optical illusion. Luxurious craftsmanship coupled with velvety soft fabrics, the surface texture of the indoor collection invite you to either sink in, take a seat sit or lie down on them, relax and stay! The MeroWings Forest Collection brings out many different reactions in people: Women stroke them, men typically tap and pound them and children throw themselves onto them or enjoy letting their fantasies go wild! The Birch Collection is a lighter, breezier alternative to the MeroWings’ original Forest Collection. With their two annual rings colour versions, fresh Nordic or contemporary grey, the graceful Birch products assimilate with ease into any stylish interior. The urbane Ash collection fuses a mixture of modern grey tones with soft, warm taupe and can be perfectly combined with the grey Birch models. All are available in a variety of models and designs, both indoor and outdoor versions.


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