SET.Upp 21st Century Schools by HABA


TheSchool asaCity - Inspired by Urban Life Furniture designs require thinking outside the box, that is why we have looked intensively for specialists and advisors to help with this unique concept. We’ve consulted with urban builders, school boards, teachers and other educator experts that unanimously agree; schools should be modeled after harmonious communities. They have a city center - either with its own history, or newly and border areas. There are also recreation areas, where everyone can relax and rest. Commuters use hallways and corridors as well as the cafeterias. And then there are the inhabitants, or as we refer to them: students and teachers.

Cafe - leisure rooms, sitting areas - Meetingpointformediumtosmallgroups to talk, work, relax

Residential Communities - classrooms, teachers’ rooms - A place that is assigned to a certain group, so to speak as a base camp

Retreat - Here is my personal retreat: to work, learn and read, or simply relax

Marketplace - Where the whole school can meet: for presentations, festivals, demonstrations

Playgrounds - Movement and play areas


Laboratories, workshops - For experimenting, debating, practicing, collecting experiences



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