SET.Upp 21st Century Schools by HABA

Desert Metropolis

Deep City

set.upp WorldsCreatedwithColor

Relaxing & improves concentration

Naturally warm & stimulating

Four Unique Color Palettes

This innovative culture is supported by the set.upp distinctive Color World palettes; Desert Metropolis, Wild District, Urban Jungle

for educational spaces and furniture. With the color worlds, you can bring concrete psychological impulses into rooms and stimulate the cognitive and emotional processes in your educational institution. Each color world can be adapted for each room and creates a structure for better

and creativity - an essential for optimal learning.

Here dark blue and turquoise tones meet with highlights of coral and yellow nuances, inspired by the mystical colors of the underwater world. This works pleasantly, soothes and promotes concentration. This color world can also be used in the entire building depending on the intensity and quantity of the color areas. It is also possible to use large contrasting color areas in blue and yellow. In learning rooms, however, one should remain within a color family in which the accent color provides limited distraction.

sand and brown tones promote well-being. Intensive color accents in blue and red awaken intuition. Such designed learning and leisure spaces inspire everyone. With Desert Metropolis , tired spirits get a needed boost in energy.



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