2023 Playcapes Catalog

Franek Seating by Seats are made of solid wood ply in natural finish with clear, child-safe finish. They can be combined with soft foam seats in various colors, mobile, spacious drawers and functional tables, from which a round table with shelves can be configured. See website for individual dimensions. Simple assembly. Toys not included.

Franek Corner Table 6512392B

Four single tables can form one large, round table. Tables sold individually. 11¾"h x 15¾"w x 15¾"d

Franek–Double Sofa 6512390B 19¾"h x 31"w x 15¾"d 7¼" seat height

Drawer 6512396B 6"h x 13¾"w x 13¾"d Franek–Armchair 6512389B 19¾"h x 16¼"w x 15¾"d 7¼" seat height


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