2019 Playscapes Catalog

Take a Seat and Help the Environment

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A | 201AX

B | 201BX

D | 301BX

G | 501BX

C | 301AX

E | 401AX

NEW | Eco Seating Collection TJ11** Tough, hard shell made with plastics recovered from the ocean. * Choose product code (below) * Choose color code (below)

I | 701BX

E | 13½" Seat Height

H | 601BX

F | 16½" Seat Height

201AX Small Cube $196 14¾"l x 14¾"w x 13½" Seat Height 201BX Large Cube $224 17¾"l x 17¾"w x 16½" Seat Height 301AX Small Circle $189 14¾"d x 13½" Seat Height 301BX Large Circle $214 17¾"d x 16½" Seat Height 401AX Small Crescent $219 19¾"d x 13½" Seat Height 401BX Large Crescent $299 23¾"d x 16½" Seat Height 501BX Drift $319 22¼"l x 19¼"w x 17" Seat Height

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Recovered Coastal Plastic [RCP] Core

Full-Color Material

601BX Dash 701BX Swerve

$449 47"l x 18"w x 16½" Seat Height $449 61½"l x 18"w x 16½" Seat Height

Swerve ships by truck. Others ship via UPS. Swerve front edge: 44"


Save the oceans with recovered coastal plastic.

Orange OR

Light Blue LB

Surf Blue SB

Medium Blue MB

Dark Blue DB

Pure Green PG

Lime Green LM

Red RD

Violet VI

Yellow YE

Ganging Bracket Kit for Dash and Swerve TJGBK001X $60


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