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2019 PlayWell

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The benefits of play—building imagination, cognitive skills, and self-expression—are vital to all children. And for many, play can also be a healing experience. Giving children the opportunity for positive play with a purpose is our mission. We provide messages of health and wellness and offer activities that educate while children wait. Thank you for partnering with us tomake positive play possible for all children.

Play well,

Bob Childers President, Playscapes


Introducing: NEW

Playscapes and Novum Children’s Furnishings of Poland are pleased to announce our newdistribution partnership throughout the United States and Canada. As a result, the entire team at Playscapes is excited to continue to complement and grow our selection by offering you over 500 new products! Novum has been providing quality children’s furnishings and educational products across Europe for more than 20 years. Eco-friendly and confirmed by quality Certificate ISO9001, Novumenhances your options tomakepositive, healthy play available for every child.

See p. 27 for Premium Classroom Cabinets

Soft close sliders for quiet closing of drawers.

Soft close door hinges use 'clip-in' system for easy set-up.

Locking casters provide smooth, quiet transport.


p. 3-22

Activity Islands 3-4, 12, 20

Wall Activities 5-12

Table of Contents

Seating and Carpets 15-18, 21

Tables and Chairs 20-22

Organization & Book Displays 13, 19

Noise Absorption Panels 14

p. 23-58

Cabinets and Cubbies 25-32

Book Displays 31

Tables and Chairs 32-36, 43-44

Alternative Seating 32, 47-58

Partitions 37-38

Sensory and Pretend Play 39-42

Art & Creativity 45-46

Healthy House Wall Game 20-NUT-000 $429 Clever images of foods and suggested numbers of daily servings shown throughout the healthy house. 22”h x 22”w

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See more on p. 5

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Mazes, Gears & Games to Keep Little Hands Busy

Play Panel Box Y107200011 $919 Spinning gears, outer space maze, fun mirror, rollercoaster wires with

beads and more. Maple laminate. 34”h x 24”w x 24”d Ships by truck.

TOP VIEW Magnetic puzzle pieces under safety glass top






Seascape Island 15-P25-SEA $2,399 Seascape Explorer, Fishin’ A-Round maze, Seascape Magic & Mirror, topped off with a Seascape magnetic puzzle activity. Speckletone finish. 28”h x 28”w x 26”d

Adventure Island 15-AIS-101 $2,149 Adventure Road, Adven- ture River Maze, Hands-On Magic Panel and Giggle Mirror. Maple finish is trimmed in deep brown. 28”h x 28”w x 26”d

Exploration Island 15-P10-103 $2,149 Eco Drive, Hands On Magic panel, Amazer, and Giggle Mirror. Speckle- tone finish trimmed in red. 28”h x 28”w x 26”d




Simple assembly. Ships in 5 boxes.

Simple assembly. Ships in 5 boxes.

Simple assembly. Ships in 5 boxes.


We have much more Visit playscapes.com for even more creative themes, wall games, and fun furniture! All designed for purposeful play!

See p. 22 for top view

MyPlate Island 15-P25-MYP $2,399 MyPlate magnetic puzzle activity, Fruit Mirror, MyPlate Matchup, Community Garden, and MyPlate Magic Panel. Maple finish. 28”h x 28”w x 26”d


Simple assembly. Ships in 5 boxes.


Healthy Island 15-NIS-100 $2,399 Healthy House, Wellness Magic, Food Play, Safety Road, and a puzzle path top with banana, apple, and broccoli. 28”h x 28”w x 26”d

Simple assembly. Ships in 5 boxes.






Healthy Toddler 15-HTD-001 $899

Toddler Oasis 15-TPL-001 $899

Funny Face Island Y107200012 $999 Wires & beads top, with side panels consisting of funny magnetic play face, a funhouse side mirror, gears to manipulate, and a little train that travels a short track. 34”h x 24”w x 24”d Ships by truck. Ships assembled.

Community Garden, Food Play maze, mirror and exam room wheel. Rainforest finish top includes a puzzle path with banana, apple, and broccoli. 20”h x 22”w x 19”d

Maze with discs, airplane cockpit, play wheel, mirror and maple finish puzzle path trimmed in red. 20”h x 22”w x19”d Simple assembly. Ships in 2 boxes. Also available in Red on Speckletone. 15-CCB-000, see playscapes.com




Simple assembly. Ships in 2 boxes.


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Framed Magic Panels 20-MGC* $309 Heat sensitive panel responds to the warmth of your hand and changes color. 22”h x 15”w *Choose theme code

Activities that Educate & Engage

Framed Mirrors 20-FMR* $299 22”h x 15”w *Choose theme code

See playscapes.com for more designs.

008 007 006 005



012 011


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A | 20-DRS-001

B | 20-MYP-100

C | 20-COM-101

See p. 3 for matching island!

E | 20-GRS-001

D | 20-LBR-100

Adventure Road 20-DRS-001 $524 Excite with wheels, gears, dials, and a scene

MyPlate Match Up Wall Game 20-MYP-100 $429 Match the food characters to the food groups. 22”h x 22”w

Community Garden 20-COM-101 $429 Apple, banana, and broccoli puzzle pieces can be moved through- out the garden. 22”h x 22”w

Lucky Labyrinth 20-LBR-100 $399 Three marbles move through challenging maze as the panel is turned. 30”h x 31”w

Wondergear Wall Activity

A |

B |

C |

D |

E |

20-GRS-001 $899 Manipulate gears and magnets to move discs into their home positions in this strategic activity. 22”h x 22”w

that moves. 22”h x 22”w


Interactive Wall Activities Y10618** $339 17½”h x 17½”w x 1½”d * Choose theme code (below) * Choose color code (below) 11 Funny Face

Funny Face Combine eyes, ears, mouth and hair to create endless funny faces.

14 Road Trip 16 MyPlate

19 Animal Farm 20 Healthy Race

To a child, magnets seem like magic. These unique activities will pique interest and promote learning with letters and language.









See playscapes.com for more designs.

Road Trip Spin the wheel and move along the winding road.

MyPlate A colorful activity that promotes the five food groups– building blocks of a healthy diet.

NEW | Healthy Race Teaching a fast track to healthier habits.

NEW | Animal Farm Build a farm with this imaginative match up game.

See p. 18 for matching carpet!


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Sensory Experiences in aWorld of Friends NEW | Charming Appliqués

A | 120319

B | 053294

Once children start discovering the lovingly designed animals and plants they will want to explore them all. After all, there is plenty to discover with moving claws, rustling tentacles and soft cattails. Birch wood stained. Mounting hardware included. H | 120184

C | 053296

D | 053295

7¾" W

G | 053937

32½'' H

E | 054156

F | 120318

I | 149878

J | 121009

K | 053966

L | 053938

N | 053965

O | 053962

S | 053943

M | 053964

T | 053963

Q | 053931

P | 053941

R | 053933

V | 053936

22¾'' H

U | 053939

W | 053934


NEW | Learning Wall Collection Solid birch wood panels designed to capture attention, while teaching fine motor, sensory, tac- tile, color, and science skills! No loose parts to get lost, while looking amazing in children’s areas. Includes hardware.

120215 Left Quarter Circle $489 120216 Curve A $499 120221 Dip B $479 120219 Curve B $499 120218 Right Quarter Circle $479

We have much more Visit playscapes.com for even more creative themes, wall games, and fun furniture! All designed for purposeful play!

120215, 120221: 27½"h x 25½"w All others measure 25½"h x 25½"w

Set of 3 Panels 20-LWS-100 $1,379 save $88 Includes one each: 120215, 120216 & 120218

Left Quarter Circle • Spinning mirror • Three bees in flight • Musical cymbals

Curve A • Magnet labyrinth • Elevating animals • Colorful disks • Turning spiral • Viewing lenses • Sliding rod

Dip B • Button • Shoe lace • Clasp • Drawstring • Zipper

Curve B • Rope pulls • Magnetic balls • Glitter hourglass • Magnetic dust pipe • Turning wheels

Right Quarter Circle • Instrument • Corded pick • Sliding caterpillar • Airplane • Safety mirror • Clouds & flowers

• Hook & loop • Snap • Buckle • Cord closure

• Sliding balls • Auto avenue • Safety mirror

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Charming Appliqués

120319 Fruit Tree with Grass 053294 Chubby Robin, Green 053296 Chubby Robin, Orange 053295 Chubby Robin, Blue 054156 Dee the Dragonfly


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W |

$64 $64 $64 $79

Z | 149869

120318 Dragon 053937 Butterfly 120184 Windmill



BB | 155629

$497 $179 $219 $169 $139 $149 $149 $94

149878 Meadow Grass

121009 Meadow

053966 Mother Swan 053938 Water Lilly

053964 Cattails


Freddie the Frog

AA | 155632

053962 Turtle

053941 Seahorse Friends

$99 $99

X | 120335

053931 Angler Fish 053933 Pufferfish 053943 Octopus

$135 $119 $269 $149

053963 Seaweed & Stars 053939 Sea Anemone

053936 Seashell 053934 Lobster


CC | 120183


120335 Tall Tree (ships by truck)


X | Y | Z |

Y | 120158

120158 Frog Pond 149869 Moon Mirror

$499 $169

155632 Star Mirror (one piece) $74 155629 Cloud Glistening Raindrops $229 120183 Cherry Tree $499 See website for dimensions.

AA | BB | CC |


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101 Lemon

103 Orange

102 Lime

Citrus Magic Individual 20-MGC* $259 3-piece set 20-MGC-100 $729 18" diameter Citrus Mirrors Individual 20-CTM* $209 3-piece set 20-CTM-100 $599 18" diameter

These citrus magic panels and mirrors are hard to resist! The mirrors reflect your fresh-face feeling and healthy smile, while slices of healthy fruits sur- round the heat-sensitive panels. Mirror set not shown—includes lemon, lime

and orange mirror frame. * Choose color code (upper left)

Amazer 20-AMZ* $299 * Choose color code

We have much more! More colors and sizes available at playscapes.com

Colorfully spin around until the disks are home. 23" diameter

Yellow/Red 006

Black/Green 020

Purple/Speckletone 010

Blue/Speckletone 007


Colorful Fun with Flips & Mazes!

A | 20-FLP-HPS

B | 20-FLP-ANF

C | 20-FLP-OSS

D | PP206

E | 20-FLP-100

F | 20-FLP-011

Matching Seascape Island! See p. 3

Flips & Maze Wall Activities $429 Adding this 3-dimensional element of wires and beads to any room creates an

intriguing activity. 16"h x 39"w x 6"d

20-FLP-HPS Harmony Park Maze 20-FLP-ANF Animal Families Maze 20-FLP-OSS Seascape Maze PP206 Wires, Beads & Gears

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H |

20-FLP-100 Fruit Flip 20-FLP-011 Veggie Flip 20-FLP-MYP My Plate 20-FLP-SAF Safari Maze

Matching MyPlate Carpet!

G | 20-FLP-MYP

See p. 18

H | 20-FLP-SAF


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Colorful Hands-On Learning

Select 3 Activities

Locomotive Train and Caboose Activity Center AMH-CT35AE $2,999

Create a wall of fun for children to explore, play and learn with your choice of 10 different activity panels. See playscapes.com for options. Price includes activity panels. Engine and Caboose include graphics. Hardware included. 5'9"h x 8'w x 3"d Ships by truck. Simple assembly.



Little Critters AMH-CRIT $549

Two-sided tiles create memory and matching fun. Use visual mapping and patterning skills in order to pair images with Food Match Up and Little Critters, or improve reading skills by matching animal name to holographic image with Moving Images Flip-Flop Blocks. Attach panels to wall or Locomotive Train and Caboose Activity Center. Mounting panel and hardware included. 28"h x 18"w x 3"d

Food Match Up AMH-VEG $549

Moving Images Flip Blocks AMH-SST253 $652



Fruits and Veggies AMH-GB31 $449

Be Active AMH-GB35 $449


Manipulate the fruit and veggie gear spindles into their picnic baskets. 31 ½ "h x 19"w x 2"d

Three spinners allow children to move the balls from one track to another. 31½"h x 19"w x 2"d

Standard Fun Island AMH-SST105 $2,349 Standard island (shown above) includes: Safety Mirror AMH-ROBOT: Robot Factory AMH-SPACE: Space Ship

Custom Fun Island AMH-CUBE $2,349 (Not shown)

Provide plenty of interactive entertainment without taking up a lot of space. 31½"h x 21"w x 21"d Simple assembly. See playscapes.com for a list of panel options.

AMH-TIC: Tic Tac Toe 31½"h x 21"w x 21"d Simple assembly.

We have much more Visit playscapes.com for even more selection


Built-in wheels allow for convenient transportation. Once grounded, wheels don't move.


Multi-Sensory Learning Cube AMH-SST352 $3,299

All-in-one play station includes four sides of fun colors and shapes matching blocks, moving images flip-flop blocks, rhyming words sorter, and nature reveal. 34"h x 22½"w x 22½"d Simple assembly.

Sea World AMH-SEA $449 Hardware included. 28"h x 18"w x 2"d

Space Ship AMH-SPACE $449 Hardware included. 28"h x 18"w x 2"d


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Organization & Book Displays

Mobile Backpack Cart 5290 $1,169 • Locking casters • 32 secure hooks for backpacks or coats • Top bin for mittens or other items • Bottom bin constructed of perforated metal—great for boot or shoe storage • Baltic Birch construction • Solid, heavy duty construction 48"h x 60¾"w x 33¼"d Simple assembly. Ships by truck.

Book Browsers

We have much more Visit playscapes.com for even more creative themes, wall games, and fun furniture! All designed for purposeful play!

• Made of ¾" thick melamine • Silk screened Ships assembled. Ships by truck.

4-Tier Book Browser 39406 $799 51½"h x 23½"w x 23½"d

Kinderbox Book Browser 25-KIN** $439 23"h x 25"w x 25"d

3-Tier Book Browser 39400 $699 39½"h x 20"w x 20"d

* Select theme * Select color Simple assembly.

Myplate Kinderbox MY

Red 1

Blue 2

Green 3

White 4

SolidColor Kinderbox COL

ABC/123 Kinderbox ABC

Polar Bear Kinderbox POL

Jungle Kinderbox JUN


Sound Solutions for Any Space

Noise Absorption Panels

84"h x 7¾"w x 1½"d

39½"h x 23¼"w x 1½"d

32¼"h x 34½"w x 1½"d

21½"h x 20"w x 1½"d

Themed Sets

Woodland Friends AU-GWTH1 $2,313 Adorable animals hide in the woods and help with noise control.

Sold only as sets.

Use the Birch Trees to stack on top of each other to fill space in rooms with high ceilings, or create a wide expansive forest. Includes 6 birch tree sections, Fox, Doe, Fawn, Bear, Raccoon and Owl.


Backyard AU-GBYTH1 $2,475

A beautiful Oak tree with falling leaves decorates this nice, quiet backyard dur- ing the day or night. Includes Oak Tree Trunk & Top, Dog, Sun, Moon, 5 Stars, Bird, Birds in Nest and Little Leaves. Solar System AU-GPLTH1 $2,763 Great for libraries, classrooms and science areas. From the giant-sized sun to the smallest planet, this set helps children learn about the Solar System while reducing noise.

16" x 16" x 1½"

33¾" x 33¾" x 1½"



16¼" x 34" x 1½"

73¾" x 44½" x 1½"

Individual Shape Panels

Individual Shape Panels AU-GS** * Choose product code (below) * Choose color code (below)

P100 Polygon-Small $39 10 ⅜ "h x 12"w x 1½"d P200 Polygon-Large $59 20¾"h x 24"w x 1½"d S100 Square-Small $39 12"h x 12"w x 1½"d S200 Square-Large $59 24"h x 24"w x 1½"d C100 Circle-Small $39 12"h x 12"w x 1½"d C200 Circle-Large $59 24"h x 24"w x 1½"d R100 Rectangle-Small $39 6"h x 12"w x 1½"d R200 Rectangle-Large $59 12"h x 24"w x 1½"d T100 Triangle-Small $39 12"h x 12"w x 1½"d T200 Triangle-Large $39 24"h x 24"w x 1½"d






Light Green LG

Light Tan LT

Light Gray GY

Red RD

Yellow YE

Blue BL

Green GR

Light Blue LB


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Take a Seat and Help the Environment

Order Online playscapes.com

A | 201AX

B | 201BX

D | 301BX

G | 501BX

C | 301AX

E | 401AX

NEW | Eco Seating Collection TJ11** Tough, hard shell made with plastics recovered from the ocean. * Choose product code (below) * Choose color code (below)

I | 701BX

E | 13½" Seat Height

H | 601BX

F | 16½" Seat Height

201AX Small Cube $196 14¾"l x 14¾"w x 13½" Seat Height 201BX Large Cube $224 17¾"l x 17¾"w x 16½" Seat Height 301AX Small Circle $189 14¾"d x 13½" Seat Height 301BX Large Circle $214 17¾"d x 16½" Seat Height 401AX Small Crescent $219 19¾"d x 13½" Seat Height 401BX Large Crescent $299 23¾"d x 16½" Seat Height 501BX Drift $319 22¼"l x 19¼"w x 17" Seat Height

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I |

Recovered Coastal Plastic [RCP] Core

Full-Color Material

601BX Dash 701BX Swerve

$449 47"l x 18"w x 16½" Seat Height $449 61½"l x 18"w x 16½" Seat Height

Swerve ships by truck. Others ship via UPS. Swerve front edge: 44"


Save the oceans with recovered coastal plastic.

Orange OR

Light Blue LB

Surf Blue SB

Medium Blue MB

Dark Blue DB

Pure Green PG

Lime Green LM

Red RD

Violet VI

Yellow YE

Ganging Bracket Kit for Dash and Swerve TJGBK001X $60


Convenio Flexible Seating

Design your own seating arrangements in classrooms, waiting rooms, libraries and early childhood gathering areas. Foam filling with removable zip covers that are made from marine grade synthetic leather, are stain and mildew resistant, and CAL117 compliant. Select from 14" or 17" seat height and nine color choices.

Seat Height:



CV15** 1/4 Circle CV10** 1/8 Circle

$349 $429 $229 $289

43"w x 18"d 23"w x 15"d 18" diameter 24" diameter 14"w x 14"d 17"w x 17"d 36"w x 15"d 18" diameter 24" diameter 21"w x 24"d

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J |

CV50** 18" Crescent $249 $299 CV55** 24" Crescent $339 $389

CV4014* Cube 14" CV4517* Cube 17" CV20** Rectangle CV25** 18" Round CV30** 24" Round CV35** Hexagon

$229 NA NA $299 $299 $379 $249 $299 $339 $389 $339 $459

A | CV15

* Choose height code: 14 (14") or 17 (17") * Choose color code (below)



Red RD

Orange OR

Yellow YE

Blue BL

Green GR

Amaretto A M

Fossil FO

Green Leaf GL

Niagara NI

D | CV55

B | CV10

C | CV50

E | CV4014

F | CV4517

NEW Shapes: Crescent & Cubes

G | CV20

H | CV25

I | CV30

J | CV35

I | CV30


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Create, Collaborate, Chat

A | MW120 Forest/Birch

B | MW130 Forest/Birch/Ash

C | MW160 Forest/Birch/Ash

E | MW200 Forest only

D | MW170 Forest/Birch/Ash

H | MW600 Forest/Birch

MW120* Jumbo Log MW130* Tree Trunk

$339 $619 $289 $279 $189 $329 $289 $99

Forest FOR

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H |

Woodsmen Naturescape Tree Trunk Collection All covers are CAL117 compliant, removable and washable. The following items are made with outdoor-friendly fabric: MW130, MW160 & MW170 Tree Trunk ships by truck.

47¼"l x 15¾"d 47¼"l x 24"d 17¾"l x 15¾"d 11¾"l x 15¾"d 2"h x 15¾"d 4"h x 23½"d 6"h x 31½"d

MW160* Tree Trunk Stool MW170* Mini Tree Trunk Stool


MW200* 15¾" Annual Rings Log Slice Cushion MW210* 23½" Annual Rings Log Slice Cushion (not shown) MW220* 31½" Annual Rings Log Slice Cushion (not shown)

Birch BIR


MW600* Annual Rings Mat


* Choose color code

Woodsmen Naturescape Ocean Circle Seat MW398OCE $469 The perfect mixture of design and functionality - this sturdy pouf can be used either as a seat or as a footrest. Removable, high-quali- ty indoor/outdoor fabric cover. 13¾“h x 23½“diameter

Woodsmen Naturescape Ocean Mini Lounger MW338OCE $549 55"l x 39¼"w

Woodsmen Naturescape Ocean Lounger MW328OCE $779

A |

B |

C |

A new spin on beanbags with so many possibilities - use the unique modular lug and carabiner system to connect Loungers and create your own customized furniture pieces! Two carabiners are included. 100% poly- propylene fabric is breathable, washable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Filled with EPS balls.

70¾"l x 55"w Ships by truck.

A | MW398OCE

B | MW338OCE

C | MW328OCE


More Kinderboxes on p. 13

Harmony Park Kinderbox 25-KIN-HP2 $439 23"h x 25"w 25"d


We have much more! Visit playscapes.com for even more creative themes, wall games, and fun furniture! All designed for purposeful play!

Seascape Kinderbox 25-KIN-SS $439 23"h x 25"w 25"d



Playscapes Carpets 30-CR**

* Choose theme code (below) * Choose size code (below) Large carpets ship by truck, others ship via UPS.

ANF Animal Families OSS Seascape F&V Fruit & Veggie MYP MyPlate HLR Healthy Race HPS Harmony Park See website for available sizes.

A | B | C | D | E | F |


C | F&V

XLE Large

13'2" diameter $949

E Medium 7'7" diameter


H Small 5'4" diameter $239 Please add theme and size code when ordering. Example: 30-CR-ANF-E



Order today | playscapes.com | 800.248.7529

Organization with Personalization

Classroom Organizers

7551** Single Unit

$299 $329

A | B |

Maple MP

35"h x 16"w x 19"d 35"h x 16"w x 19"d

7552** Single Unit with

Markerboard Sides

Rainforest RF

Create learning stations or specialty centers to share between classrooms, or to individualize student spaces. Optional 33¼"h x 17¾"w markerboard lets you create clear signage, checklists, or instructions. Available in Maple or Rainforest melamine with black or red edge. Gratnell Trays sold separately on website. Simple assembly.

7561** Double Unit

$389 $429

C |

35"h x 29½"w x 19"d 35"h x 29½"w x 19"d

7562** Double Unit with

Markerboard Sides


7571** Triple Unit

$489 $529

D |

35"h x 43½"w x 19"d 35"h x 43½"w x 19"d

Red RD

7572** Triple Unit with

Markerboard Sides

Black BK

* Choose finish option * Choose edge color code


Order Online playscapes.com

A | 7551

See website for Gratnell Trays

D | 7571

C | 7561

B | 7552




Side C not shown.


NEW | Mini Music Island 6512558 $1,699

Versatile, mobile, multitasking island is perfect for teaching basic music skills, patterning, sensory development, or just for enjoyment Three sides include six different instruments and wands. Adult supervision required as this item contains loose parts 35¾"h x 58¾" diameter when extended 35½"h x 12½w x 34½"l when folded to save space Ships assembled. Ships by truck.

Folds to save space

Convenient slots for wands

Locking wheels for easy mobility

NEW | Mini Discovery Table GR03MINI $3,449

A complete, self-contained activity center in a compact footprint that makes play possible just about anywhere. • Solid Baltic birch construction, locking casers and no assembly required. • Each Discovery Mini™ comes with two reversible tops that provide four distinct play surfaces. • Swap a top or flip to a new surface. • Discovery Mini™ storage area is located underneath the table top. 19"h x 32"w x 32"d Ships assembled. Ships via truck. Train and Legos™ not included.


Close-up storage

Lego® & Duplo®



Train table


Order today | playscapes.com | 800.248.7529

Centers of Attention, Loaded with Innovation

Order Online playscapes.com

Friends Sturdy Furniture Set 25-RST* $889 * Select finish Table is trimmed in red. Set includes one chair of each color. Table: 19"h x 30"d Chair: 21"h x 14"w x 15"d (11"h seat)

Maple 012

Rainforest 220

Speckletone 000


Bead Blast & Vehicle Venture 15-BVT-001 $499 These play tables feature a classic activity—play from the bottom with magnetic spaceships, boats, trucks, and cars. Loads of entertainment completely self- contained under safety glass. Both feature Baltic Birch construction

Vehicle Venture 15-VVT-001 $599 22"h x 29"w x 29"d

and red metal legs. 33"h x 30"w x 19"d

Ships in one box. Simple assembly.

Table and Chairs also sold individually on playscapes.com

Safari Adventure Table Top 005

Harmony Park Table Top 003

Animal Families Table Top 006

Veggie Table Set

Themed Table Sets 25-RST* $1099 Colorful graphics are durable and easy to clean. Set includes table and four chairs. Table: 19"h x 30"d. Chairs: 21"h x 14"w x 15"d (11"h seat) * Select theme

Seascape Table Top 008

Veggie Table Top 011

Fresh Fruit Table Top 033


Wondergear Table 15-GRS-001 $899

Manipulate gears and magnets to move discs into their home positions on this strategic activity table. See website for demonstration video! 22"h x 22"w x 22"d

Ships in 2 boxes. Simple assembly.

Seascape Magnetic Play Table 15-SMT-100 $849

TOP VIEW Seascape Magnetic Play Table

Six magnetic ocean characters can be placed into the scene by using the magnetic wands. 22"h x 37"d

Ships in 2 boxes. Simple assembly.

MyPlate Magnetic Play Table 15-MPT-MYP $849

The central MyPlate logo represents the five food groups and serves as a plate and beverage spot for the enclosed 20 magnetic puzzle pieces. 22"h x 37"d

Ships in 2 boxes. Simple assembly.

TOP VIEW of MyPlate Island and Magnetic Play Table

MyPlate Carpet See p. 18

Flower Top Wire & Beads Table 25-WBT-002 $299 Multicolored mazes keep children engaged. 30½"h x 24"diameter

Ships in 2 boxes. Simple assembly.


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Introducing the exceptional world of Novum children’s furniture. Exclusively available through Playscapes.

Since 1996, Novum has been a popular manufacturer and supplier of premier children’s educational furnishings throughout Europe. Designed and built in Poland with the wellness of children first, Novum products are certified for the highest standards of safety and quality, meeting strict European testing. Premium construction and engaging designs mark Novum’s dedication to children and their sense of curiosity and discovery. We are excited to offer you another vast selection of products that welcome every child to play and learn. Graj dobrze!

See p. 34 for solid beechwood chairs

Premium Remarkable products thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed.

Soft close sliders for quiet closing of drawers. Rubber stoppers prevent self-opening.

Soft close door hinges use 'clip-in' system for easy mounting.

Lockable wheels provide smooth, quiet transport.

Scratch resistant, easy to clean surfaces.

Unique design and bright colors make for a creative use of space.

Wooden frames feature safe curved edging. See page 34 for solid beech- wood chairs.


I n t r o d u c i n g :

Quality Children's Furnishings

See p. 53 for bean bag poufs See p. 48 for seat cushions

Toys not included.

See p. 30 for house partitions See p. 36 for table


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Whimsical Storage Solutions to Bring Rooms Alive

Teddy Bear Land

Fairytale furnishings finished with beautiful colors and designs.

Teddy Bear 4 Piece Set 6522020 $1,752 Includes items A-D 59¾"h x 121¼"w x 15¾"d Ships by truck.

C | 6522026

B | 6522025

A |

T ree Décor Storage Cabinet 6522028 $608 59¾"h x 38½"w x 16½"d

See website for matching Teddy Bear Play Mat

A | 6522028

B |

Teddy Bear Cabinet 6522025 $492 50¾"h x 31½"w x 16½"d

D | 6522027

C |

Beehive Décor Bookcase 6522026 $282 55"h x 19¾"w x 16½"d Teddy Bear Storage Cabinet 6522027 $398 32"h x 31½"w x 16½"d

D |

E |

Teddy Bear Bookcase 6512230 $419 32¼"h x 28¾"w x 19¾"d



3D Applications

Adjustable Shelves

Fronts Made of Lacquered MDF

E | 6512230

Wheels with locking casters.

Meadow Land

Toys not included.

D | 6522015

Meadow Land 5 Piece Set 6522006 $1,574 55"h x 141"w x 16½"d Ships by truck. Flower Cabinet 6522012 $387 50¾"h x 31½"w x 16½"d Red Flower Bookcase 6522013 $272 55"h x 19¾"w x 16½"d Leaf Cabinet 6522016 $450 43¼"h x 38½"w x 16½"d Tulip Bookcase 6522015 $261 55"h x 19¾"w x 16½"d Tulip Cabinet 6522014 $387 48¾"h x 31½"w x 16½"d

B | 6522013

C | 6522016

E | 6522014

A | 6522012

A |

B |

C |

D |

E |

Body made of maple plyboard, fronts of lacquered MDF.

Routed Designs

Rounded Edges

3D Applications of Lacquered MDF


Easy assembly

Build a CityWithin a Classroom

Cityscape Cabinets

Body made of white laminated particle board with 2mmABS. Doors made of lacquered mdf. Double lacquered coating provides durability of color. Features rounded edges and grooves that accentuate designs.

A | 6512236

B | 6512235

See p. 36 for table, p. 34 for chairs.

F | 6512237

C | 6512240

D | 6512239 E | 6512238

Additional Storage Space

1: Select Cabinet (A, B) 2: Select Door(s) (C-F)

A | B | C | D | E | F |

6512236 Single Cabinet $150 39¾"h x 19¾"w x 15¾"d 6512235 Double Cabinet $230 39¾"h x 38½"w x 15¾"d 6512240 Orange Door $142 49¼"h x 19"w x ¾"d 6512239 Yellow Door $142 49¼"h x 19"w x ¾"d 6512238 Green Door $142 49¼"h x 19"w x ¾"d 6512237 Blue door $142 53¼"h x 19"w x ¾"d

C | 6521123

B | 6521121

Castle Tower Bookcases

A | 6521122

A |

Low Tower 6521122 $413 Body of tower: 71¾"h x 31½"w x 15¾"d With header: 76"h x 31½"w x 16¼"d

B |

High Tower 6521121 $476

Body of tower: 71¾"h x 23½"w x 15¾"d With header: 85¾"h x 31½"w x 16¼"d

Order Online playscapes.com

C |

Castle Set 6521123 $1,746 85¾"h x 118"w x 16¼"d Set includes 2x High Towers and 2x Low Towers Ships by truck.


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Arrange your room according to individual needs. Cabinets are mounted on a stable base or on wheels. Premium Classroom Cabinets

See website for Gratnell Trays

Safe, thick, round ABS edging

Durable wheels

Easy to clean scratch- resistant surface

Hole in table top makes cleaning much easier–

blocks can be put directly into tray.

A | 6520134

E | 6520164

H | 6520174

K | 6520231

B | 6520154

I | 6520173

L | 6520233

F | 6520163

C | 6520153

N | 6520211

J | 6520203

D | 6520201

G | 6520202

M | 6520221


Easy assembly

6520134 Small 3 Column Cabinet 6520154 Low 3 Column Cabinet

$209 $223 $254 $445 $264

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R |

11¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 15¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 15¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 49¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 34¾"h x 28"w x 17¾"d 34¾"h x 28"w x 17¾"d 49¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 34¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 34¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 49¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 25¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 37¾"h x 14½"w x 17¾"d 79¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 17¼"h x 40½"w x 17¼"d 17¼"h x 40½"w x 17¼"d 34¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 34¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d 22"h x 32"w x 32"d

6520153 Low 3 Column Cabinet on Wheels 6520201 High 3 Column Cabinet 6520164 Medium 2 Column Cabinet

6520163 Medium 2 Column Cabinet on Wheels $294

6520202 High 3 Column Shelf Cabinet 6520174 Medium 3 Column Cabinet

$427 $366

6520173 Medium 3 Column Cabinet on Wheels $397

6520203 High Mix Cabinet


6520231 LowMultifunctional Table on Wheels $658

We have much more Visit playscapes.com for even more creative themes, wall games, and fun furniture! All designed for purposeful play!

6520233 Multifunctional Table on Wheels 6520221 Narrow Cabinet on Wheels

$318 $200 $627 $173 $173 $330 $361 $599 $905

6520211 Max Cabinet

4521456 Green Bench Cushion 4521455 Blue Bench Cushion 6520172 Medium Book Cabinet

6520171 Medium Book Cabinet on Wheels

6520214 Max Book Cabinet

S | T |

79¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d Ships by truck. 79¼"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d Ships by truck.

6520213 Max Book Cabinet with Doors

O | 4521456

P | 4521455

S | 6520214

T | 6520213

Q | 6520172

R | 6520171

Mobile Storage Cabinets

Body made of laminated particleboard

Low 3 Column Cabinet 6520153A $255 15¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d

Medium 2 Column Cabinet 6520163A $298 34¾"h x 28"w x 17¾"d

Medium 3 Column Cabinet 6520173A $365 34¾"h x 41¼"w x 17¾"d


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Infuse Classoom Spaces with Color

Body made of maple particle board, shelves of colorful, laminated particle board. Toys not included.

Infuse Color Cabinets

C | 6512508

B | 6512507

A | 6512510

D | 6512513

H | 6522005

E | 6512509

F | 6512511

G | 6512512

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H |

6512510* Small Wall Cabinet $172 46"h x 24"w x 15¾"d 6512507* MediumWall Cabinet $252 46"h x 47¼"w x 15¾"d 6512508* Short Wall Cabinet $183 32¼"h x 47¼"w x 15¾"d 6512513* Shelf $137 14½"h x 47¼"w x 11¾"d 6512509* Closed Cabinet $200 46"h x 24"w x 15¾"d 6512511* Open Narrow Cabinet $109 46"h x 14½"w x 15¾"d 6512512* Corner Cabinet $153 46"h x 15¾"w x 15¾"d 6522005* Shelf Cabinet $329 54¾"h x 31½"w x 15¾"d *Choose color code (right)


Yellow M

Blue N

Orange K

Green L


Easy Assembly

Toys not included.

House Partitions

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J |

6521108 2 Story House – Unit A $450 6521109 2 Story House – Unit B $450

Maple body perfectly matches the colorful elements. The cabinets' heights are fitted to children's heights so they can easily use every shelf. The set is made of laminated particle- board.

61"h x 47¼"w x 16½"d 61"h x 47¼"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 23½"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 23½"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 23½"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 23½"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 47¼"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 15¾"w x 15¾"d 37½"h x 23½"w x 16½"d 25½"h x 47¼"w x 16½"d

6521111 2 Shelf – Orange 6521117 2 Shelf – Green 6521118 2 Shelf – Yellow

$153 $153 $153

6521110 Cubed Shelf – Green $175

6521112 4 Shelf –Yellow


6521114 Corner Shelf –Green $114

Holes in cabinets to connect modules and provide stability.

6521115 3 Shelf –Blue


6521113 Bench w/ Rolling Bins $263

A | 6521108

B | 6521109

C | 6521111

D | 6521117

E | 6521118

F | 6521110

I | 6521115

G | 6521112

J | 6521113

H | 6521114


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Colorful & Functional Organization

Mobile Book Truck 6512414 $395

One side has deep shelves for books, journals and games while the other side is intended for display 45"h x 46"w x 17¾"d




Display Side



Storage Side

Bookcase with Bench 4520361 $296

A |

Multifunctional bookcase displays books, games and education accessories. Soft mattress ensures comfortable seating. 37¾"h x 59½"w x 13½"d Cushion trimmed with synthetic leather. Bookcase with Bench and Panel 6512355EX $395 37¾"h x 59½"w x 13½"d Library Bookcase 4416540 $394 1" steel tube; Frame shelves are made of laminated particle board. 82¼"h x 33½"w x 13¾"d Library Bookshelf 6521213 $304 Bookcase made of maple particle board. 80¼"h x 35½"w x 11¾"d Library Magazine Shelf 6521214 $409 Angled shelves allow full exposure of magazines. Bookcase made of maple particle board. 78¾"h x 31½"w x 11¾"d

Additional panel

B |

C |

B | 6512355EX

A | 4520361 Books not included.

D |

E |

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C | 4416540

D | 6521213

E | 6521214


Easy assembly

See p. 48 for Rainbow Cushions

Toys not included.

See p. 29 for Corner Cabinet

A | 6522038

B | 6522039

A | Cozy Storage Bench - Orange 6522038 $318 Storage boxes hold toys or books and comfortable handles make for easy repositioning. Synthetic leather

wrapped cushion has a non-slip bottom. 15"h x 30¾"w x 13¾"d (seat: 12¼"h)

C | 4520363

Happy Bookcase and 2 Poufs Set 4520363 $197 Bookcase: 26¾"h x 14¼"w x 13½"d; Pouf: 11¾"h x 11¾"w x 11¾"d B | Cozy Storage Bench – Green 6522039 $318 15"h x 30¾"w x 13¾"d (seat: 12¼"h) C |

Made of lacquered plywood.

Coat Room Cubbies

Functional furniture with hooks, shelves for small clothing and places for shoes. Made of laminated, maple and colored particle board. Visit playscapes.com for Coat Room Cubby information

Shoe Helper 1 6512405 $118 24"h x 11¾"w x 11¾"d

Shoe Helper 2 6512406 $209 24"h x 19¾"w x 16½"d


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Seating That Lasts

Seat and backrest made of plywood beech painted with water-based lacquer

Stackable Metal Frame Chairs

Frame made of ¾" metal pipe. Powder coated


Select felt or plastic glides (Felt shown)

Anti-Slip Glides provide more stability

Plastic or Felt glides

E | 44138

D | 44134

C | 44130

B | 44126

A | 44122

Metal Frame Chairs

44122** $79 8¼" Seat height 44126** $79 10¼" Seat height 44130** $79 12¼" Seat height 44134** $89 13¾" Seat height 44138** $89 15" Seat height * Choose color code * Choose Felt ( F ) or Plastic ( P ) glides

A | B | C | D | E |

See p. 36 for table


Red 02

Orange 11

Yellow 05

Light Green 13

Green 04

Light Blue 12

Blue 03

Violet 06

Aluminum 07

White 01


Easy Assembly

Colorful Wood Chairs That Add Warmth to Any Room

Beech wood frame with curved edges

Stackable Wood Chairs

Made of solid beech wood coated with water-based lacquer. Available in 8 fresh colors and in natural.

Lacquered with child-safe water based paints

Durable construction

Select felt or plastic glides (Plastic shown)

D | 452920

C | 452910

B | 452940

A | 452950


Wood Chairs

452950** $99 8¼" Seat height 452940** $99 10¼” Seat height 452910** $99 12¼” Seat height 452920** $99 13¾” Seat height * Choose color code * Choose Felt ( F ) or Plastic ( P ) glides

A | B | C | D |

See p. 36 for table


Red 2

Orange 8

Yellow 6

Light Green 7

Green 4

Light Blue 9

Dark Blue 3

White 1

Natural 0


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Maple Tables to Fit a Variety of Demands

Maple Table Tops

Durable, 1" thick particle board, with scratch-resistant laminate top. ABS edge.

Rounded corners for safety

Quality fittings guarantee stable

and durable construction

446872* Square $110 31½"l x 31½"w 446874* Rectangle $133 47¼"l x 31½"w 446879* Circle $199 39¼"diameter * Choose edge color See next page for leg options

A | B | C |


Orange 8

Blue 6

Green 7

Yellow 5

Maple 0

A | 446872

B | 446874

C | 446879




Simple leg connections


Create Classrooms with Colorful Tables

Scratch-Resistant Laminate Table Tops

446892* Square $133 31½"l x 31½"w 446894* Rectangle $164 47¼"l x 31½"w 446899* Circle $229 39¼"diameter * Select table top color

A | B | C |


Orange 8

Blue 6

Green 7

Yellow 5

Vanilla 9

White 0

A | 446892

B | 446894

C | 446899

White shown

Wood Legs

Solid, wood beech legs, diameter of1¾". Sold in sets of 4. Adjustments are 2¼" long.

6512533 15" Table Legs 6512534 17¼" Table Legs 6512535 19¾" Table Legs 6512536 22" Table Legs

$43 15¾"h with Table Top $48 18"h with Table Top $54 20½"h with Table Top

Table Leg Adjustments

$58 22¾"h with Table Top 6512531 15" Legs with Adjustments $79 15¾"h up to 22¾"h with Table Top


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Control Room Traffic and Teach Skills with Sensory Partitions

Attractive partitions that engage and teach. Made of ½” birch ply, coated with eco-friendly, child safe lacquers.


25½"h x 31½"w x ½"d

A | 6512466

B | 6512465

C | 6512464

D | 6512472


E | 6512471

F | 6512470

G | 6512469

H | 6512468

I | 6512467

J | 6512462

K | 6512473

L | 6512463

6512466 Zigzag 6512465 Fence 6512464 Gate

$180 $165

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L |

$116 Partition is equipped with a lock and movable latch to open and close.

6512472 Turning wheel


6512471 House 6512470 Maze

$231 Features blue curtains on one side.

$257 6512469 Colourful Window $287 6512468 Mirrors

$315 Mirrors fixed vertically on one side and horizontally on opposite side.

6512467 Cat


6512462 Wall connectors 6512473 Connector T

$61 $23

2 pcs.

2 pcs. Fixes partitions together at 90º angle. 2 pcs. Fixes partitions together at 60º angle.

6512463 Triangular connectors $23


Free Standing Partitions

Sensory House 6512379 $595

Two mirrors (one hidden under cords curtains, the second under zipped button curtains), Four colored elements of plexiglass allow viewing from another perspective. 39"h x 47¼"w x 47¼"d Simple assembly.

Wall with mazes and mirrors hidden behind a buttoned curtain

Toddler Island 6512352 $1,240

Various activities: colorful, safe plexiglass elements, mirrors and moving colorful gears. Mats of various thickness are designed to help entry to the island while protecting little ones. 39½"h x 113½"w x 56¾"d Ships by truck.

Sensory Town 6512454 $1,443

Set consists of two panels, which can be fitted in the corner of the room, or combined together in a straight line to build a sensory wall. One panel: 39¼"h x 78¾"w Set: 39¼"h x 157½"w Made of child-safe lacquered ply. Ships by truck.

Several Configurations

Moving Gear Wheels and tips of the clock

Safety Mirror

3D Decorations

Wall with Mazes


Order today | playscapes.com | 800.248.7529

Reading, Resting and Pretend Play

Katie's Playhouse 6512395 $864

Made of birch and lacquered solid wood ply. Mat included. 51¼"h x 45¼"w x 20"d

Yellowmat on floor

Windows with colored safety plexiglass

Lizy's Playhouse 6512402 $1,421 47¾"h x 51"w x 43¼"d Ships by truck.

Windows with colored safety plexiglass

Safety mirror

Colorful Play Corner 6512551 $542

Solid, wood play corner with colorful plexiglass and safety mirrors on two sides and floor. 25½"h x 39¼"w x 18"d

Colored plexiglass

Safety mirrors on walls and floor


Easy Assembly

SensoryWall Elements with Color and Purpose

Park Sensory Board 6512373 $394

Rearrange detachable fruit, shrub and tree leaf appliques on board with snaps and Velcro ® . Slide the colored shapes over the track or metal spiral. 34¼"h x 54¼"w Board made of lacquered plywood and synthetic leather.

Leaves to attach

Teach to snap connect

Order Online playscapes.com

Clock Tower Sensory Board 6512361 $426

Practice fastening buttons, Velcro ® and snaps. Rearrange the magnetized windows or turn back time with the moving clock hands. Slide the colored shapes over the track. Trace door grooves with attached

wooden pencil. 36½"h x 54¼"w

Three different types of fasteners: Snap, Velcro ® , and button

Windows fixed with magnets


Order today | playscapes.com | 800.248.7529

Dramatic Play

Performing House Theater 6521124 $753

Performing helps children overcome communication barriers and helps them express their feelings. Durable solid wood ply theater guarantees years of fun. 48"h x 44"w x 25½"d


Props not included.

Red Curtain Theatre 4124900 $335

Encourages toddlers in art expression. Decorative fabric curtains. On one side there is a shelf for puppets or props and the other side is a place to put the title of the show. 56¾"h x 35½"w

Spacious storage shelf




Puppets not included.

Durable beech wood ply coated with child safe paint and water-based finishes

Toys not included.

Theater & Store 4510006 $460

Play with puppets on one side, turn it around and start playing shop. Six shelves and two drawers, where you can keep your goods. 45¾"h x 43¼"w x 39"d Frame made of durable beech plywood.




Small Shop 4122110 $373

A | 4122110

A |

Counter consists of shelves and drawers on back wall and mobile counter with two display shelves on front. 45¾"h x 32¾"w x 30¼"d

Galley Shop Counter 4122120 $672

B |

Lovely and functional shop. Made of wood ply with ten shelves. Counters allowmany children to play together. 61"h x 47¼"w x 41¼"d


B | 4122120

Corner Kitchen, White 6512460A $460 29½"h x 45¼"w x 29½"d Corner Kitchen, Green 6512460C $460 29½"h x 45¼"w x 29½"d Microwave, White 4122503H $ 200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Kitchen Sink, White 4122504H $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Washing Machine, White 4122501H $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Stove, White 4122502H $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Microwave, Yellow 4122503 $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Sink, Red 4122504 $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Washing Machine, Green 4122501 $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d Stove, Blue 4122502 $200 24"h x 15¾"w x 11¾"d

C |

C | 6512460A

D | 6512460C

D |

E |

F |

G |

E | 4122503H

F | 4122504H

G | 4122501H

H | 4122502H

H |

I |

J |

K |

L |

I | 4122503

J | 4122504

K | 4122501

L | 4122502


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