2019 Playscapes Catalog

Framed Magic Panels 20-MGC* $309 Heat sensitive panel responds to the warmth of your hand and changes color. 22”h x 15”w *Choose theme code

Activities that Educate & Engage

Framed Mirrors 20-FMR* $299 22”h x 15”w *Choose theme code

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A | 20-DRS-001

B | 20-MYP-100

C | 20-COM-101

See p. 3 for matching island!

E | 20-GRS-001

D | 20-LBR-100

Adventure Road 20-DRS-001 $524 Excite with wheels, gears, dials, and a scene

MyPlate Match Up Wall Game 20-MYP-100 $429 Match the food characters to the food groups. 22”h x 22”w

Community Garden 20-COM-101 $429 Apple, banana, and broccoli puzzle pieces can be moved through- out the garden. 22”h x 22”w

Lucky Labyrinth 20-LBR-100 $399 Three marbles move through challenging maze as the panel is turned. 30”h x 31”w

Wondergear Wall Activity

A |

B |

C |

D |

E |

20-GRS-001 $899 Manipulate gears and magnets to move discs into their home positions in this strategic activity. 22”h x 22”w

that moves. 22”h x 22”w


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